What is the Difference Between Installing and Downloading?

When it comes to computers, downloading and installing are two different processes. Downloading is the process of copying a file from a remote computer to the computer you're working on. This file is usually a program that performs the installation, not the program itself. Installation is the process of setting up a program on your computer, which can include updating existing files or adding new ones.

When you download a file, it stays in its original form until you run the installation program. This program will then return to the web and download the files for the actual installation. Once these files are downloaded, they will be installed on your computer. For example, if you need other database drivers, you can install them from the Driver Download page (link opens in a new window).

When you install iOS updates from the device itself (as opposed to using iTunes on a Mac before iTunes 12), the download and installation are usually done in a single operation. Now, you can click the option that says “execute” instead of “save” when you are on the site that is downloading the file. You tap Download and Install, but if an error or interruption occurs after downloading, the installation will not take place. In conclusion, downloading and installing are two separate processes that must be completed in order for a program to be properly installed on your computer. Downloading is simply copying a file from one computer to another, while installation is setting up a program on your computer.

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